WordPress Image Poll

WordPress Image Poll
Update: Check out my recently released Highslide WordPress Plugin if you are looking for an easy way to integrate Highslide JS into your wordpress blog

After a lot of integration work, I was able to create a pretty nifty Ajax enabled wordpress poll for a Valentine’s Day contest we are running at Pink CakeBox. The poll allows the user to vote for their favorite wedding cake and submit their contact information. I used the following to make this happen:

WordPress Democracy Poll – a ajax enabled poll plugin for wordpress. I took this code base and manipulated it to support image based polls with a preview option and the ability to store the users contact information in phplist newsletter manager. Fortunately Andrew Sutherland took a class based approach to developing his plugin and managed to document his code very well.

WordPress PHPList Plugin – my plugin for integrating phplist into your blog. The users contact information is automatically stored in our PHPList database when they Vote for their favorite wedding cake.

Highslide JS Thumbnail Viewer A brilliant javascript thumbnail viewer for allowing the user to view larger images of the wedding cakes before they place their votes.

Here is a screenshot of the final product:
Wordpress Plugin Vote for Favorite Image

To see it live (and to enter yourself) enter here

Stay tuned for more details of the hack and a possible wordpress plugin to support image based polls!

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