Upgrade to 2.3

Upgrade to 2.3

Here are my notes related to my upgrade of our wedding cake blog to WordPress 2.3:

1. Custom Query String refers to the old wp_categories table. Had to edit line 252 to reflect the new terms table:

return (int) $wpdb->get_var("SELECT term_id FROM $wpdb->terms WHERE slug = ‘". $wpdb->escape($category_nicename) ."’");

Note: Looks like Moshu made this change and added tagging support. Download it here. This means I can now throttle the number of cakes that appear in a tag archive page.

2. Ran importer for UTW and updated theme to use new native tag commands. Everything worked fine, although I did have to run the following query in the backend to remove the dashes from the old UTW tags:

update wp_terms set name=replace(name, ‘-‘, ‘ ‘);

3. Dropped old wp_tags and wp_tag_synonyms tables

4. Upgraded Headspace2. I noticed headspace 2 doesn’t expose the ability to use tag names in your meta tag descriptions (someone please correct me if i’m wrong) So I hacked inline_tags.php and added the following on line 54:

else if (is_tag ())
                        $replace_with = array (, single_tag_title(, false), ,,,,);

Update: John has already updated his headspace2 plugin to include a %%tag%%. I highly recommend checking this plugin out. John does a tremendous job supporting the tag – please help support his efforts by donating.

5. Tags associated with a post are not searched by default, so I created a plugin to do that. I also use this plugin to correct user search miss-spellings. For example, try searching for brithday cakes on our wedding cake blog.

Note: An even better alternative to my plugin is John’s Search Unleashed plugin.

6. Updated my linking structure so that I don’t use trailing slashes for categories or tag pages

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