Send a cake via Facebook

Send a cake via Facebook

I’m happy to introduce my newest project – a facebook application for sending cakes/cupcakes to your facebook friends.

What’s cool about this application is the tight integration with wordpress that enabled me to to expand it to almost our entire portfolio of online cakes. I was able to tie the facebook API with the wordpress API which allowed me to tap into the existing cakes posted in our online cake galleries. The application is setup so that it can pull based on any wordpress tag or category. So anytime a new cake is posted it automatically shows up in the facebook application.

This application illustrates the power and advantage of the structured wordpress environment and its ability to re-purpose content across multiple channels.

Here is a screenshot of the application landing page for sweet 16 cakes:

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when a friend receives one of our cakes:

Also, the application helps drive traffic and links to our site since each time you send a cake via facebook it includes a link back to the wordpress blog post about the cake. This approach aligns with advice from Matt Cutts who has always talked about providing “useful services” to help attract high quality links and traffic.

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