Searching Tags in WordPress 2.3+

Searching Tags in WordPress 2.3+

I’m happy that wordpress developers included tagging as a core feature in their latest release. And I also appreciate their philosophy of including just the bare tagging essentials and relying on the plugin developer community to expand on those features.

With that being said, one of the features that is missing from the 2.3 tagging implementation is the ability to search for tags associated with a post. Christine’s UTW did this rather well and I found it was an essential feature for our wedding cake blog. We have several posts that have been tagged with words that don’t necessarily appear in the post – i.e. Wedding cupcake Stands, or Spring Themed wedding cakes

So I created a tag search plugin that will join against the appropriate tables to ensure you tags are searched. My hope is someone will take this search component and wrap it into a complete tag management plugin. (Similar to what Christine has started)

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