Related Posts Plugin with Images

Related Posts Plugin with Images

This weekend I worked on a enhancing an existing related post plugin from WASABI. The plugin finds related posts using mySQL full-text search functionality.

Along with each related post, I wanted to display the cake or cookie that the post highlighted. See below for an example:

Wedding Blog

The modifications were fairly straightforward, the most difficult part was figuring out how to easily associate each post with the appropriate thumbnail image. With over 100 posts, it’s not something I wanted to do by hand. Fortunately, I had used a fairly consistent naming standard for each full sized image – cake01.jpg where 01 represented the image number. And I already had thumbnails created with the same naming convention – cake01-circle.jpg.

So, through mySQL I created a query to extract the image name from the post_content column in wp_posts and store it temporarily in an xref table:

INSERT INTO xref SELECT substr(post_content, locate(  ‘/images/cake’,post_content)+8, (locate(‘.jpg’,post_content,locate(‘/images/cake’,post_content))+4)(locate(‘/images/cake’, post_content)+8)) AS image, id  FROM wp_posts;

I then updated my xref table to include the “-circle.jpg” naming convention:

UPDATE xref SET image= (SELECT REPLACE(image, ‘.jpg’, ‘-circle.jpg’)) WHERE image IS NOT NULL;

And in the last step, I decided to use post_excerpt column to store the reference to the thumbnail:

UPDATE wp_posts, xref SET wp_posts.post_excerpt = xref.image WHERE;

Once the backend was set, I had to make a few modifications to the related-posts.php plugin. First I modified the Primary SQL Query to include the post_excerpt column in the select portion:

$sql = "SELECT ID, post_title, post_content, post_excerpt, "

Next I modified the PHP code to output the thumbnail for each related post:

// Check the new $post_excerpt to make sure there is a reference to the thumbnail for the
// related post. Note: not every post has an image.  For those posts we will just display
// the title of the post
                                if ($post_excerpt == ) {
                                        $output .= $before_title. ‘<a href="’. $permalink .‘" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link: ‘ . $title . ‘">’ . $title. ‘</a>’ . $after_title;
// If the post_excerpt variable is NOT empty then contruct the link to the thumbnail and
// display that along with the title.
                                        $link_name = ‘<img src="’ . $post_excerpt . ‘" style="border:none"/>’;
                                        $output .= $before_title .‘<a href="’. $permalink .‘" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link: ‘ . $title . ‘">’ . $link_name . ‘</a>’ .  
                                        $output .= ‘<a href="’. $permalink .‘" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link: ‘ . $title . ‘">’ . $title. ‘</a>’ . $after_title;

And with that final modification, the related posts plugin now displays a thumbnail along with each text link for related posts. See the live working version at our wedding cake blog.

Note: In retrospect, I should of explored using custom fields instead of the post_excerpt field for storing the reference to the thumbnail image. Also, for better portability to other sites I should of included the full link to the image in the post_excerpt field.

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