Facebook Marketing & WordPress

Facebook Marketing & WordPress

Jeff Ente from Who’s Blogging What, wrote a post on Mashable about the new Facebook Fan Pages iframe capabilities. He was completely on mark – this is a SIGNIFICANT enhancement that has HUGE potential for marketing on Facebook.

One of the things I spoke about in Social Media Marketing for Dummies was the power of syndication within the digital space. Syndication enables small businesses to re-purpose content across multiple channels to engage users in a consistent manner without have to create entirely new content. We use WordPress as our hub for syndicating information out to various channels.

For Pink Cake Box, we have employed this strategy across many of our channels and with the introduction of iFrames for facebook fan pages we took advantage of this on our facebook fan page.

We created a facebook application that pulls content from our wordpress site and repurposes that content in a format that fits within the confines of facebooks design parameters. The page allows users to interact by leveraging our search feature and displays our most recent cakes and most popular cakes.

This enables us to create a dynamic and fresh facebook page that is automatically updated whenever our wordpress site is updated.

This is just the first step and as Jeff states, there are further opportunities to personalize the experience for facebook users. I’m very excited about this new feature and look forward to seeing more innovations in this space.

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