Dell’s Improved Customer Service

Dell’s Improved Customer Service

Today my wife’s operating system crashed – the registry hive was corrupted. We went through a restore process and after running hard drive diagnostic (chkdsk) we found some corrupt sectors.

Since the laptop was still under warranty, I called Dell and reached a live person in record time. I only had to listen to one voice prompt, and a technician (Ashish) picked up after a couple rings.

After explaining the issue and giving him the error code from the DELL diagnostic utility, he immediately said they would be shipping me a new hard drive. This literally took 2 minutes. No second guessing on his part – it was painless.

To top it off, he sent a personal email with all his contact information and backup contact information in case he wasn’t available.

This is excellent customer service, I’m glad to see Dell is getting this right.

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  1. Hi Jesse

    Just wanted to let you know we appreciate the feedback about our customer service….in fact its great to read and hear that not only did we solve the problems, but you got through quickly, had follow up contact information and you believe its excellent service!!! While we are not perfect and still have mistakes, we are working hard to “get it back.” Comments like yours make us believe we are on the right track!! :-)


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