Craftsy – Cake Toppers Techniques Course

Craftsy – Cake Toppers Techniques Course

Anne Heap’s Cake Toppers Techniques Class

Back in January we had an opportunity to fly down to Denver and have Anne participate in a taping for her new online cake decorating class with Craftsy has taken the cake decorating world by storm ( at least in the online space) by putting together an wide array of talented cake instructors from around the world.

Craftsy offers a pretty slick online video learning platform and does a brilliant job marketing themselves. They are by far one of the best company’s I’ve seen in this space – they taken advantage of nearly every marketing channel in the online space and really maximize its potential. From email marketing, to google adwords, youtube, and facebook, they have quickly built up a strong fanbase. You can read more about the company in this WSJ profile.

Anne partnered with Craftsy to create a great online learning course on how to make gumpaste cake toppers. I won’t rehash the class here, but I encourage you to check out this page which talks more about the class in greater detail. The class is doing great with over 3000 students already enrolled and the reviews have been really positive. Anne is also available to answer questions and has already answered over 100 questions from students.

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