Wordpress Plugins

Fixing Search in Ultimate Tag Warrior WordPress Plugin

I have two fixes for users who are having trouble getting wordpress search to work correctly with the Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin:

Create Photo Gallery with WordPress Categories

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to modify my wordpress category template to display thumbnail images of each cake in a gallery format. Combining this with my highslide plugin provides a simple and easy to maintain gallery.

Upgraded to WP 2.1

I recently upgraded one of our testing sites to WP 2.1 Here are some of the issues and fixes that I went through:

WP-HIGHSLIDE Script Updated

I’ve added more flexibility to the WordPress WP-HIGHSLIDE script. The new updates allow you to toggle the caption box, close window link, and next and previous links through global settings in WP-HIGHSLIDE options page. If you want to override the global settings for a single image you can use one of the override settings in

Highslide JS WordPress Plugin

Looking for an easy way to use Highslide JS thumbnail viewer in your wordpress blog? My new plugin, WP-Highslide allows easy integration of Highslide JS using wordpress quicktags. For documentation and download go here and for a demo check our wedding cake blog. Let me know if you find this useful.

WordPress Image Poll

Update: Check out my recently released Highslide WordPress Plugin if you are looking for an easy way to integrate Highslide JS into your wordpress blog After a lot of integration work, I was able to create a pretty nifty Ajax enabled wordpress poll for a Valentine’s Day contest we are running at Pink CakeBox. The

Related Posts Plugin with Images

This weekend I worked on a enhancing an existing related post plugin from WASABI. The plugin finds related posts using mySQL full-text search functionality. Along with each related post, I wanted to display the cake or cookie that the post highlighted.

WordPress Navigation Enhancements

I recently had the need to enhance our wedding cake blog to include excerpts of the previous and next posts when viewing a single post. In our case, our excerpt is just an image of the next cake.

Adding additional fields to wordpress/phplist plugin

Nick from www.NicksJourney.com asked the following question regarding my wordpress/phplist plugin: How can I add more attributes other than Name and Email? (like Zip code, for example) – see my phpList Capture page at www.nickdaugherty.com/lists/

Screencast: Setup of WordPress/PHPList Plugin

Screencast which demostrates setting up the Wordpress/PHPList plugin within Wordpress