Wordpress Plugins

Diagnosing and Fixing Web Performance Problems

As Pink Cake Box has grown over the years, we’ve had to focus more time on optimizing site performance. In aggregate, we receive over 1/2 million unique visitors a month with over 2 million pageviews per month. We’ve also taken the non-traditional approach of allowing other sites to link directly to our images. In combination,

Search Tags Plugin Performance Improvement

Loïc Mahé brought to my attention a performance issue with the search tags plugin (it’s not noticeable in wordpress implementations with a small number of tags, but is much more noticeable for folks with 1000+ tags). So I took a look at the queries I wrote for searching tags and realized they were incredibly inefficient.So

Wp-PHPList Plugin now with Internationalization Support

Thanks to Le Foie gras (I’m sorry I don’t know his/her name) WP-PHPLIST now has Internationalization support for the following: * en-US * en-UK * fr-FR The admin panel isn’t done yet, but the key user-facing pieces are completed. Download the latest version here: WP-PHPLIST

Cakes via Google Maps

I’m excited about the latest project I just finished up for Pink Cake Box. The idea for the project came from Matt McGee’s Small Business Search Engine Marketing blog. (Sidenote: Matt’s blog has some of the most actionable advice for small businesses – check his small business marketing section for great SMB advice.) The idea

WordPress Plugin Model

The spirit of the wordpress plugin model for developers is obviously not centered around money. I had two main motivations for releasing my plugins to the public. First off, I wanted to use the plugins as a vehicle to help promote our small business. Secondly I enjoy creating things and watching other people benefit and

Widgetized WP-PHPList

Unfortunately I’ve been too busy with school, work and cakes to really put much work into my plugins. However, I’m happy to announce that WP-PHPList now supports widgets! This was perhaps the most requested featured for the plugin. And the best part is I didn’t have to do any work to add this feature! Credit

WP-PHPList – adding additional fields

Ron has put together a code example explaining how to add additional fields to the PHPList plugin. Thanks Ron!

Great wordpress plugin resource

I have a great appreciation for wordpress plugin developers. Having released a few simple plugins myself, I understand the time it takes to develop and test a quality plugin. On top of that, devoting time to support the plugin and keep it up-to-date as wordpress rapidly evolves is another effort in itself. That’s why I

PHPList WordPress Plugin now with Multiple List Support

After many requests, I’ve finally added new functionality to the PHPList WordPress Integration plugin. The plugin now supports the ability to display multiple lists on the form. So if you manage multiple lists through PHPList and want to give the user the option of choosing which one to subscribe to, this is now supported the

Searching Tags in WordPress 2.3+

I’m happy that wordpress developers included tagging as a core feature in their latest release. And I also appreciate their philosophy of including just the bare tagging essentials and relying on the plugin developer community to expand on those features. With that being said, one of the features that is missing from the 2.3 tagging