Pink Cake Box on CNN!

Our wedding cake shop was featured on CNN this week! You can see the video here. In the video Anne talks about how the company started, how we’ve used the Internet to grow and how we’ve relied on family members like her mom to help launch the business.

Dell’s Improved Customer Service

Today my wife’s operating system crashed – the registry hive was corrupted. We went through a restore process and after running hard drive diagnostic (chkdsk) we found some corrupt sectors. Since the laptop was still under warranty, I called Dell and reached a live person in record time. I only had to listen to one

Upgraded to WP 2.1

I recently upgraded one of our testing sites to WP 2.1 Here are some of the issues and fixes that I went through:

Summary Cart

Due to popular demand, I’ve put a complete example together of the summary cart using PHP and mals-e ecommerce shopping cart.

What can I get from this blog?

I use this site as a gathering place for the various scripts, articles and plugins I work on during off-hours. Most of the stuff that has been posted is a result of work I’ve done on other sites that I felt would be useful to the general public. All work is released under GPL, and