Facebook Marketing & WordPress

Jeff Ente from Who’s Blogging What, wrote a post on Mashable about the new Facebook Fan Pages iframe capabilities. He was completely on mark – this is a SIGNIFICANT enhancement that has HUGE potential for marketing on Facebook. One of the things I spoke about in Social Media Marketing for Dummies was the power of

How to integrate WordPress Search with your Facebook Application

So a few weeks ago we released a facebook book application called Pink Cake Box Guiltless Treats for sending cakes to your facebook friends. We’ve since expanded the application to integrate with wordpress search. Our facebook app now has access to over 1200+ cakes and is automatically updated whenever we post new cakes. I’m proud

Send a cake via Facebook

I’m happy to introduce my newest project – a facebook application for sending cakes/cupcakes to your facebook friends. What’s cool about this application is the tight integration with wordpress that enabled me to to expand it to almost our entire portfolio of online cakes. I was able to tie the facebook API with the wordpress