WordPress Plugin: PHPList Comment Subscriber

This wordpress plugin allows users to be optionally subscribed to your newsletter when adding comments to your blog. It requires PHPLIST newsletter manager to work.

It adds a checkbox as shown below, which gives the user the option of automatically being subscribed to your PHPLIST managed newsletter:
Wordpress Subscriber PHPList Plugin


  • WordPress 2.0 (tested up to WP 3.1)
  • Phplist 2.10.2 or greater. (The plug-in may work with previous versions prior to 2.10.2 – let me know)
  • PHP 4.x with cURL support (Users have confirmed it also works in PHP 5.x)


Current version of WordPress PHPList Comment Subscriber plug-in is 1.0

Quick Start Instructions

  1. Download plugin installation and upload phplist-comment-subscriber.php to your plug-ins folder, usually /wp-content/plugins
  2. Login to wordpress administration panel and activate the plug-in (Under plug-ins). Plugin name is phplist comments.
  3. Navigate to Options -> PHPList and fill in the General Settings and Form configuration as instructed.

Change Log


  • Initial Version


  • Checks to see if comment has been marked as spam before adding it to PHPLIST. This ensures that comments identified as spam by anti-spam plugins like Akismet are not added to PHPLIST


  • Prior version had a function that was inadvertenly using a function from another one of my plugins. So basically if you weren’t using my other PHPList plugin, this plugin would break. I broke the dependency, and this plugin now works independently of the other.


See plugin in action at Pink Cake Box Wedding Cake Blog

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the form settings?

The form setting options look like the following:
Form Settings
The first two options are required to ensure the fields from the comment form get captured in the correct fields in PHPLIST. The first field attribute “email” is always “email”, you shouldn’t have to change this. The second field attribute for “Name” needs to be looked up within phplist admin. Read below for instructions on how to do this.

Each attribute in PHPList takes the form ‘attribute[X]’ where X is a integer. To determine the corresponding integer go to the Active Subscriber Page within PHPList – http://www.yoursitename.com/lists/admin/?page=spage. Locate the active subscriber page and click edit. Once the subscriber page loads, locate the attribute you are using and find its number:


So in this example, since the attribute is assigned a value of one, you need to enter attribute1 in the textbox for Name.

The next textbox field in the Form Settings section asks for the text to display next to the checkbox on the comment form. Example – “Check here to subscribe to our newsletter”

And finally, if you want the subscriber checkbox on the comment form to be checked by default, check the last checkbox in the form settings options page.

How do I configure the General Settings section?
We already have instructions up in our installation section for PHPLIST subscriber form plugin. See the instructions here

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