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WordPress HighSlide JS Plugin

Highslide JS is a brilliant thumbnail viewer written in javascript. WP-Highslide is a wordpress plugin that allows you to easily use Highslide by automatically inserting the necessary javascript into your posts or pages. The plugin makes uses of a wordpress quicktag to make the insertion process painless.

Also, for users looking to customize highslide, this plugin gives you the flexibility of editing the javascript object settings, setting global options through the options page, or overriding the global options for indivdiual images, all without having dig through the plugin code. [See FAQ for more info]


Corpse Bride Wedding Cake New Jersey
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Corpse Bride Wedding Cake
Topsy Turvy
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Topsy Turvy Cake NJ
Wedding Cake
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Wedding Cake from
Billiard Cupcakes
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Billiard Cupcakes from

Other Examples

See the plug-in in action at our wedding cake gallery, novelty cake gallery or Gourmet Cupcake Gallery or Gourmet Cookie Gallery

Check out Sébastien use of this plugin on his photo blog.

Larry Hnetka gives a review and demonstration of the highslide plugin on his blog.

Some cool graphic design work by Doug Nelson

has put together a short video of some of highslides features.


THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES Highslide JS from Torstein Hons which is YOU MUST DOWNLOAD SEPARATELY. If you are running a COMMERCIAL site you must pay for Highslide JS. Current version of plugin has been tested with Highslide 3.3.3

Note, as of version 1.23, WP-Highslide is compatible with all 2.X versions up to 2.6.2.

  1. Unzip contents of zip file to your plugins folder, usually ‘wp-content/plugins/’. It should create a highslide folder underneath the plugins folder.
  2. Download Highslide JS and copy highslide.js to
    the new highslide folder created under your plugins folder.
  3. Activate the plugin in wordpress under plugins. Look for WP-Highslide.
  4. Check ‘WP-Highslide’ under options to customize the javascript for highslide
  5. Check Highslide JS site for further customization options

Note: You download Highslide JS script in order for this plug-in to properly work.


Current version of WordPress HighSlide JS plug-in is 1.28

Change Log


  • Initial Release from Beta


  • Fixed highslide folder structure so that outlines are properly shown.
  • Fixed CSS issue in Firefox
  • Adjusted CSS to properly center caption and right justify close button.


  • Fixed css issue with caption. Thanks to Russ Anema for the fix


  • Adding global settings options to display caption box, close link and next previous links. Also added ability to override global settings using the <highslide> tag.


  • Fixed thumbid generation to ensure compatibility with RSS readers. Thanks to Sébastien for pointing out an issue with the thumbid generation


  • Fixed CSS issue in IE6. CSS was generating a 404 on cursor download because of a CSS parsing issue.


  • This version is compatible with wordpress 2.1. Fixed issue with quicktags not appearing in editor.


  • This version no longer includes highslide.js as part of the zip file download. This component must be downloaded separately. This was done to ensure users get the latest version of highslide.

1.25 – August 14, 2007

  • Folder structure updated to match new folder structure of latest version of highslide. Also removed windows.onload for preloading images. That is not taken care of internally by highslide.js

1.26 – Sept 20, 2007

  • Fixed issue with javascript close button not working correctly

1.27 – Oct 2, 2007

  • Removed extra } from javascript. Thanks to Max for catching this.

1.28 – Dec 19, 2007

  • Upgraded CSS so it’s compatible with latest version of Highslide 3.3.3. Fullexpand.gif has changed in this version.

Frequently Asked Questions

= Where is my highslide quicktag? =
Unfortunately quicktags do not show up in Visual Rich Editor mode. You have a few alternatives. If you are using WordPress 2.1, simply switch over to code view and the Highslide quicktag will be available. If you are using WordPress 2.0.x then you can disable Visual Rich Editor mode or
you can create the tag yourself by using the special <highslide> tag. This tag takes 4 attributes:

This is should be the path to the image you want displayed when the user clicks on the thumbnail

This should be the path to the THUMBNAIL image you want displayed initially.

This is the copy that will appear in the ALT tag description. Filling this in is good practice for search engines.

The caption displayed directly under the large image when the user clicks on the thumbnail

Example Code

<highslide image="/path/to/myimage.jpg" thumbnail="/path/to/thumbnail.jpg" altdesc="" captiontext="" />

Future versions we’ll look to embed a button in the visual rich editor similar to how Viper’s Video Quicktags did.

= Do I have to pay for Highslide JS? =

Highslide JS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. If you are a non-commercial site the script is free. It costs $30 for each commercial domain

= How can I tell if it’s working? =

Try creating a test post and check to see if the HIGHSLIDE quicktag is available. Click on the tag and follow the prompts to insert your first image.

= When using the HIGHSLIDE quicktag what do all the prompts mean? =

The quicktag will prompt you for the following information:

Prompt 1: Enter path to large Image
This is should be the path to the image you want displayed when the user clicks on the thumbnail

Example: /images/mylargeimage.jpg

Prompt 2: Enter path to thumbnail image
This should be the path to the THUMBNAIL image you want displayed initially.

Example: /images/mythumbnailimage.jpg

Prompt 3: Enter the Alternate Description of the image
This is the copy that will appear in the ALT tag description. Filling this in is good practice for search engines.

Prompt 4: Enter the Caption for the image
The caption displayed directly under the large image when the user clicks on the thumbnail

= When I look at the generated code it is surrounded by a <p> tag. How can I remove that <p> tag? =

This is a “feature” of wordpress. Here is the generated HTML required for highslide. Notice the <p> tags that surround it:

<p><a href="" class="highslide"  onclick="return hs.expand(this)">

To remove the <p> tag open your default-filters.php and comment out the following line:

add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’);

Alternatively there are plugins you can use to disable this feature.

= What version of Highslide JS does this plugin support? =

As of August 14th this plugin works has been tested with version 3.2.3

= Can I still customize Highslide JS using your plugin? =
The plugin was designed to give a high level of flexibility in customizing Highslide. In the WP-HIGHSLIDE options page there are global settings that allow you to toggle off/on the highslide caption box, close link, or next/previous links:

Additionally, you can override the global settings for individual images by using override flags in the <highslide> tag. For example, to override the Show Caption Box:

<highslide image="" thumbnail="" altdesc="" captiontext="null" show_caption="y"  />

Tags that are available

Flag Usage Description
show_caption show_caption=”y”
Toggle on/off Highslide Caption
show_close show_close=”y”
Toggle on/off Highslide Close Link
show_prv_next show_prv_next=”y”
Toggle on/off Highslide Next/Previous Links


Russ – tester
Torstein Honsi – highslide js creator
Roel Meurders – FLV code that I used as a basis for highlslide


If you use this script and find it worthwhile please link back to our main site. While we enjoy releasing scripts to the general community, we also look to benefit by drawing more traffic to our sites. Feel free to link back however you want – here is a guideline:

J J. Heap & Son – Manufacturers and distributors of a wide variety of labor saving devices and factory automation technologies including dye sublimation equipment, Heat transfer machines, Fusing Machines, So-Fast Cutting Equipment, Material Handling Equipment and an inventory of rebuilt machines.

Pink Cake Box – Our New Jersey Wedding Cake Shop that specializes in custom made wedding cakes, novelty cakes, cupcakes, wedding cupcake stands and specialty cookies.

111 Responses to “WordPress HighSlide JS Plugin”

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  3. Paul HOckley Says:

    Hey…I just wanted to know if there is any way to force the size of the thumbnails, because if I understood well, now it is set to 100*100 and I have some different sized thumbnails??
    Thanks in advance

    Paul – this was a bug in my plugin. I was explicitly setting each thumbnail to 100 x 99. I removed those explicit settings to let the browser render the dimensions. This will allow you to use different sized plugins. Download the latest version (1.0) for this fix.

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  5. Paul Hockley Says:

    woohoo!! thank you so much….very cool plugin BTW

  6. Paul Hockley Says:

    Hey…another little problem…if you check this page where the plugin is activated… the bigger picture opens at the bottom of the screen and the style of the surrounding box seems to be messed up…any idea why?

    Paul it’s likely another javascript or css is conflicting with highslide. As a test, try disabling all your plugins and ensure all script and css references are commented out. See if that fixes the problem. If so, you can begin to enable each plugin to try to isolate the issue

  7. Tom M Says:

    This seems like a GREAT plug-in…. but what I’d really like is a way to use this in my eBay listings. Any ideas/suggestions??


    Tom if ebay listings allows you to use javascript you can embed the necessary javascript and html into your ebay lists

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  11. Alex Says:

    Though the initial Highslide JS script works on IE7, for some reason the plugin doesn’t work well with IE 7 (it opens up a new window instead of the enlarging effect in firefox.) I’m supposing IE may be ignoring “return false”. Is there any way I can make it work? I’m really preferring this new plugin to the past lightbox plugins. Sorry for the inconvenience and pardon my bad english.

    Alex – I just ran the demo at in IE 7 and it worked fine. I’m running IE 7.0.5730.11CO. What version are you running? And did you try the demo above?

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  14. Sébastien Says:

    Hi, thanks for the plugin, works great!

    I made a slight modification you may ne interested in.
    In wp-lightbox.php, around line 88, when you compute a random number to get an unique THUMBID, I replaced that by appending the md5 hash of the image url:

    $val = ‘P’ . $post->ID . md5($o[‘image’]) ;

    My understanding is the random number you append to the post ID is just so you get a unique thumb ID. The problem I saw with the random number thing is you get a new ID every single time this is run, including every single time the RSS feed is loaded. That is causing a problem to some RSS readers, they detect the posts containing an image has changed and keep marking them as new. Many RSS readers have the option to ignore updated posts but not all of them, and some people like to be notified when a post is modified and won’t use that option.
    Appending the md5 of the image url guarantees uniqueness and does not change each time the page is loaded. Taking the md5 of the image+the thumb+the description might be safer, though. Anyways, works for me.

    Thanks again for the great plugin.

    Sébastien: Thanks so much for the feedback. I did not know this method caused issues with RSS readers.

    I tried using the md5 and unfortunately the CLOSE link doesn’t display when I use that. However, I realized there is even a simpler solution. I can just use the post id and the variable $i which is the loop iterator:

    $val = ‘P’ . $post->ID . $i;

    That should always be unique. I released this as version 1.21. Thanks again for pointing this out. Also, great photos on blog – they are amazing. I wish we had half your talent, it would come in handy for the cake photos we have to take for my wife’s specialty cake shop.

  15. kingleo Says:

    In WP 2.1, the quicktag in non-wysiwyg editor disappeared.

    Thanks for the info. This has been fixed in version 1.23

  16. doug nelson: DISENGAGE! » Do Not Disturb. Says:

    […] (Note: If you’re looking at this in an RSS reader, you’re missing the awesome HighSlide plugin fun) […]

  17. Doug Nelson Says:

    Heyyyy, thanks for the mention. And thanks for making HighSlide so accessible…I’m planning on using this on several upcoming projects, so Torstein should definitely be seeing some money coming his way thanks to you.

  18. Let’s Love,Sugar.ღ | plugin test:highslide Says:

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  19. Larry Says:

    Yikes, I’m a bit overwhelmed seeing the link to my blog as an example of how your plugin works. It was a quick post and not fancy-schmancy at all so I hope it does justice to how the plugin basically works. This weekend I plan to check out some of the other options in your plugin so check back for more than just the default settings!

    Larry, I haven’t done much customization either. With highslide you can create custom skins and overlays which I have yet to attempt. Let me know if you come across any issues…

  20. Leo Says:

    Hi. I was just wondering how to make a row of pictures in wordpress, especially when using highslide plugin.
    Leo – surround your tag with:

    <div class="thumbnail">
    <highslide .... >

    Where thumbnail is defined as:

    			float: left;
    			width: 120px;
    			margin-left: 0 15px 15px 0;
    			/*border: 1px solid #999;*/
                            border: none;
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  22. BSD Says:

    This plugin gave me 6 errors when I tried to validate my XHTML.

    BSD: Okay. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it or even where the errors occur? I’m not a stickler for XHTML compliance so I’m not intimately familiar with validation issues. Any help would be appreciated

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    […] I’ve just implemented the wonderful Highslide Plugin [↩]Share This […]

  24. brucenico Says:

    Well, that’s a coooooool plugin… ;-)
    It would be interesting to offer a thumbnail generation (with this, you’ll just have to upload your full-size image, without care about the thumbnails name and location), but I’m not sure that’s in the scope of the plugin.

    Thanks. Yeah that is a good idea for a future feature

  25. baptiste Says:

    Hi !

    I would like to know if it will be possible in the future to have the html extension to display html or flash content ?


    Baptiste – I assume you are referring to the new functionality offered in the latest version of Highslide. I haven’t look at the new functionality yet, but I’ll put it on my list of things to do :)

  26. vicrry Says:

    When I click to enlarge an image while you viewing another one, two frames viewing the full-size of it’s photo are laying on each other, usually the former one being covered. Seems there’s a single handler on the keyboard events … and no focus changing among frames.
    Maybe a callback closing the opening frame that triggers when a frame opens would solve.
    Vicrry – that’s by design. The former frame should always be covered, and the newest image should take precedence. There may be a way to configure highslide to automatically close the former image, we’d have to talk to the creator

    Also, when I click on the wedding cake photo on this page, I found a weird display on the title contains a line break on firefox. It seems some border or oversized background becoming transparent.
    Good catch. I adjusted .highslide-caption height parameter to 40px to remove the transparency gap
    Afterall, the plug-in is just impressive and fantastic!

    I appreciate your comments. Thanks for the feedback.

  27. Julien Says:

    thanks for this great plugin, could you tell me if it’s possible to link other thing that image (jpg etc) ? like php or html web page ? thanks !

    Julien – I believe the latest version of highslide allows you to link to html pages. I have not tested it with my plugin. Let me know if you are successfully able to get it to work.



  28. Eddie Says:

    Great plugin. Is there any way to use the same image for both the full size and thumbnail image? I generally optimize all my images for the web, so they aren’t big in size. I’d like to use the same image for the thumbnail image, but just be able to specify the size of the thumbnail (so it fits nicely on the page) without having to create 2 images each time. Is there any way to do that?



    I don’t expose the ability to specify the size of the thumbnail through the plugin, but you can code it yourself once you have the plugin installed. It would look something like this:

    <a href="" class="highslide" onclick="return hs.expand(this)" rel="nofollow">
    <img src="" width="100" height="100" id="P180" title="Corpse Bride Wedding Cake" /></a>

    I’ll look to expose this in future versions

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  30. kac Says:

    Excellent plugin, j’en suis ravi !

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  34. ovizii Says:

    just found this plugi nand it sounds nice but I was wodnering if we can use any version of highslide? I mean they offer a normal one (around 40kb) and a packed one with 20kb so I’d prefer using that smaller one…

    ovizii – any version, whether packed or unpacked, greater then or equal to 3.00 is supported

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  39. Alan Says:

    Anyone managed to intergrate this plugin with the wordpress e-commerse plugin?

  40. wBc Says:

    Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting of linking wordpress and highslide together.

    Have a question though – I want to have my text wrap around my highslide image. So I added in a div tag around it, with styling padding the way I want it and all. Wonderful.

    However, everytime I edit that page again, WP turns my div into a P screwing everyhing up.

    I know this is not an issue with wp-highslide specifically, but I was hoping you had some experience with it!



    Yeah wordpress is a pain in visual mode. I turned off the visual editor and have not had any problems. I would imagine there is a better way especially if you enjoy using the visual editor – any have any tips?

  41. links for 2007-06-08 | Says:

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  43. iSight Says:

    Hi. I’ve installed your plugin and it seems awesome, but when I get to my page that I’ve used the plugin on, it doesn’t work. Here’s the test page: It shows the caption and close link below the image and doesn’t show the thumbnail. It just shows the whole image. What have I done wrong?


    It’s likely the theme you are using probably isn’t using the standard wp_head() function.

  44. Tech Projects » Highslide Plugin Update Says:

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  45. Office Snapshots » Blog Archive » New Gallery Tutorial Says:

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  46. 2046 Says:

    hello man
    I’m testing your plugin and I realized one problem there. If you allow the close link and the user actually click on it, it redirect him to empty page with word false.
    I guess the problem is in this piece of code(hopefully it’ll be posted as I paste it)
    even you have the problem on this page.

    keep going, thx 2046

    Good catch. I fixed it in version 1.26

  47. Brady Says:

    I found HighSlide a while back and think it’s a great plugin for any site. I’m glad to see someone’s done the legwork to make it useful in WordPress.

    I’m having a couple of problems though. I’ve been embedding WMV videos on my Word Press site using the CoolPlayer plugin and when I click on an image to expand it in Firefox, I still see the video controls showing through the photo. Also, when I mouseover my thumbnails in IE7, they all shift around in different ways by a few pixels.

  48. Brady Says:

    I figured out the thumbnails jumping around. It was a border issue in CSS. I thought the other issue might be resolved with z-index, but HighSlide already has it set at 1001.

    Someone above commented about HighSlide opening one picture on top of another. If you’d prefer to have only one image open at a time, HighSlide (version 3.2.7) will auto-close the first to open the second if you configure highslide.js line 38 to “allowMultipleInstances: false,”

  49. Ain't it nice ? | Says:

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  50. mozey Says:

    THANK YOU for your work. Great stuff.

    wordpress files their images as such


    Knowing this, the processes of creating the quicktag could be automated a bit more than what it is now. We dont have to FORCE people to use the default upload dirs, but they can make fairly decent defaults.

    I’ll be more than happy to help with some coding. Please let me know.

  51. Luffy Says:


    GREAT PLUGIN, it’s an eaysy way to use Highslide.
    After a short quick test it’s working great.

    Thanks you for this.

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  56. Matt Burkhardt Says:

    Hey – love the plug-in – BUT one small problem. When I’m viewing the site using Ubuntu 7.10 and Firefox, after you click the thumbnail and right after the script loads up to the largest size, the page itself shifts a bit to the left. Doesn’t do this on any other os/browser combination that I’ve found.

    Matt – if you get the chance post your issue on the Highslide Forum to notify the highslide developer. It’s likely an issue with the highslide javascript

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  60. Antony Says:

    Great refreshment to any blog. Great plugin. Thumbnails moving. Thanks.

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  63. Sebastien Says:


    Thanks for this great plugin! Now, my web host wants me to upgrade to WP 2.3.3. Do you know of compatibility issues?



    Sebastien – I’m running it in WP 2.3.3 w/o any issues

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  65. Mark Says:


    Thanks for the plugin. I have it running on my site, but when using it in a post, the images are arranged diagonally running down the page:

    How can we format the thumbnails so they’re just lined up horizontally? Something must be amiss in my post, because the bottom navigation for the post is also somehow stragely wrapped!


    This was answered already here

  66. Mark Says:


    Thanks for the reply. That seems to have helped:

    only thing is that the ‘topics’ listing automatically generated by wordpress now seems to be misplaced (should go below the images somehow?):

    Topics: Artwork | Edit |

    now it just follows the images. Is there a way to just get it below at the bottom of the post like it used to be?


    Yes Mark – at the end of the last thumbnail closing </div> add the following code:

    <div style="clear:both"></div>

  67. Niklas Says:

    Hey there! I’d just like to say that WP-Highslide works for me under WordPress 2.5, and I’ve noted so at the WordPress Codex list over working plugins.

    Thanks Niklas. I’ve experienced the same success as well. Thanks for updating Codex

  68. baron Says:

    thanks for plugin, perfect

  69. cybereality Says:

    Nice work man, works like a charm in WP 2.5.

    Its giving me waaaaay better performance than any of the flash galleries I’ve tried. In fact, I don’t think it could really get any faster. This has saved me a lot of time, thanks.

  70. cybereality Says:

    One question: how do I disable or re-skin the default rounded-white graphic around the image? I tried looking through the source files but I just cannot find where it is getting the graphic from. Thanks.

    Check out the documentation here

  71. cybereality Says:

    Nevermind, I just figured it out. I couldn’t find where to set it in the wordpress plugin, but I was able to edit the highslide.js file to my liking.

    In the highslide.js file you have the set the variable ‘outlineType’ to something different, like ‘drop-shadow’. But after you do that, you also need to remove ‘outlineType’ from the ‘overrides’ array listed below it (this is what was tripping me up). This will force it to use the ‘outlineType’ you set in the javascript. Otherwise the wordpress plugin will make it rounded-white by default. I assume there is a way to customize it without resorting to hacking the javascript, but it worked for me. Again, the solution above is most likely the hackish work-around, but hey, it works!

    Note: You do NOT have to hack highslide.js to set the different outlinetypes. In the plugins menu there is a javascript window which lets you change the outline types per the Highslide documentation

  72. WordPress プラグイン WP-Highslide - RaouNote Says:

    […] 確かに配布先にも下記のように書かれているのでこれからのバージョンアップ待ちですね。 Note, as of version 1.23, WP-Highslide is compatible with all 2.X versions up to 2.3.1 […]

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  76. Wordpress Plugin Centre - Free Unique WP Plugin - Tech Projects Wordpress HighSlide JS Plugin Says:

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  77. » Final (almost) Updates Says:

    […] Added several new plugins (Admin Dropdown Menu, Flickr Manager, FlickrRSS, and WP-Highslide) […]

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    […] man gerne (wie hier auf dieser Seite, den Highslide-Effekt verwenden, werden Highlide JS und wp-Highslide benötigt. Auch der Lightbox-Effekt muss über ein zusätzliches Plugin in die […]

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    […] WP-Highslide 1.28 […]

  84. Pierss Says:

    Without option of making your blog a bit unusual, chances for blog to be successful are too few. This plugin is great help to that direction.

  85. wordpress 2.5 Uyumlu Eklentiler Listesi | Nazlı Reklam Reklam ve Hosting Says:

    […] WP-Highslide 1.28 […]

  86. Wordpress 2.5 Uyumlu Eklentiler Listesi | Taha'nın Yeri Says:

    […] WP-Highslide 1.28 […]

  87. queru Says:

    Thank you for this awesome plugin.
    it’s work well with pictures. but not with flash movie (swf). the thumbnail appear in the place of the movie. What are the good quicktag for flash movie in highslide and parameters to obtain the good width and height ?
    The problem is probably the same for calling a external web page.
    thanks for your help.

    Merci pour cet excellent plugin. Afficher les images en fenêtre modale avec wp-highslide est un régal. Mais par contre mes animations Flash ne s’affichent pas. Quels sont les quicktags et paramêtres largeur et hauteur adéquats pour permettre d’afficher mes animations avec wp-highslide ?
    As-tu des exemples de syntaxe ?
    Le problème de largeur et hauteur se pose également pour les page web externes.
    Merci de ta réponse.


  88. Michael Says:

    Hello! Is there a way I can use Highslide outside the post? I’d like to include it in my Single.php Post Template and use custom-keys to identify the images/thumbnails.

    Is there a PHP-style line I can use instead of the quicktag, for use in a template?

    Thanks!! Awesome plugin.

    Absolutely you can use it outside of your post. I use it here in our cake gallery. Visit the highslide tutorial page to find the markup required to do this –>

  89. Val Says:

    Just checking in to see if Highslide is compatible with the latest version of WordPress – I believe we’re up to version 2.6.2 as of September 20, 2008.

    Also, does anyone know of someone who will install and tweak this plubin for me? I want to use it on a WordPress blog.

    Thanks in advance. This looks like an amazing script/plugin.

  90. webmaster Says:

    Val – This blog is running version 2.6.2 with highslide version 3.3.3.

  91. julie Says:

    I have the plugin works really cool, I am created pages.. not posts in wordpress and adding it there. I am having one problem
    The Zoom graphic for + doesnt appear and if I look in my logs it says
    /mypage/graphics/zoomin.cur is erroring out… how do i get my pages to see the zoomin.cur and where is it hehe:)

  92. julie Says:

    i figured it out by changing the highslide.css to the location of zoomin.cur, hope thats the right way:)

  93. kampery Says:

    Without option of making your blog a bit unusual, chances for blog to be successful are too few. This plugin is great help to that direction.

  94. hellows Says:

    I can not get this to work on latest wordpress. It is so confusing. All the plugin names are so similar highslide JS? I thought this was your plugin? And you ask me to go to another website to download H JS.js

    Hellows – I’m sorry you are confused. My plugin integrates highslide.js with wordpress. I do not include highslide.js with the plugin because YOU MUST pay for it if you are using it for commercial purposes. Therefore, to honor the authors license, I’ve asked users to download it for themselves from the highslide site

  95. Maxxon Says:

    Hi. Your plugin is just great. This JS is far better in my opinion than Lightbox, Lightwindow, etc.
    I would like to know about flash. Is there a way to insert it with just a quicktag?
    And if there is no such then is there an easy way of doing this?

    Highslide does support SWF, but I have not added support through quicktags.

  96. Simon Says:

    I am using this on 2.6.3 and it seems to break RSS feeds. The post summary is truncated wherever the first highslide image appears in your post, followed by […].

    I did not know about this issue. Thanks for informing me. Do you happen to know what HTML is causing issues?

  97. roulion Says:

    Finally i manage to make it work : For people who are interested, have a look to this tutorial

  98. Wordpress/Thesis wiz needed to install Highlide JS | computer Jobs in newyork Says:

    […] with WP Thesis and javascript to help me install highslide JS on my blog. There’s a WP plugin available that might help […]

  99. Dereck Says:

    This is really cool plugin for blogs having many quality pictures.

  100. highslide for wordpress | Katree's Home Says:

    […] WordPress Highslide JS Plugin […]

  101. Wordpress Eklentileri | İki Dostun Kişisel Günceleri Says:

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  102. La postaleta - Says:

    […] utilitzar lo Highslide JS, que és com se diu lo plug-in este, domés teniu d’anar a este bloc, i fer lo que diu. Bàsicament […]

  103. Sebastien Says:


    Thanks again for a great plugin. Now in order to get rid of the nagging message, I’d like to update to 2.7, but i’m unsure that everything would be compatible afterward.

    Did you try it with this last version of WP? Thanks again for al your help :)


    Sebastien – I’m running the plugin successfully in WP 2.7

  104. Türkçe açıklamalı, kategorilere ayrılmış 155 tane wordpress eklentisi (Wordpress plugin list) - HTD-34 Says:

    […] Sitenizdeki resimlerin efekt ile gösterimini saÄŸlar.Link […]

  105. Terry Says:


    Great plugin.
    One problem for me though. I am not getting the default white rounded corners, I am just getting the large image.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you again.


  106. John Says:

    For the wysiwyg editor to not eat this up, don’t you need to use code:

    [highslide image=”” thumbnail=”×150.jpg” altdesc=”” captiontext=”” /]

    Instead of:

    If I wrap with brackets, it doesn’t work. If I wrap with gt lt’s the tinymce deletes it.


  107. New! Gallery of Inchies | DreamWeaver’s Quilts Quilt Epiphany Blog Says:

    […] powered by a lovely piece of open source software called Highslide, made even easier to use by the Highslide JS Plugin for WordPress. I discovered Highslide through Kristin’s […]

  108. Can anybody recommend a WP theme suitable for a photographer (with a gallery)? Says:

    […] a really nice gallery application: The WordPress plugin for this gallery is here: Tech Projects WordPress HighSlide JS Plugin Check the above site and see how nicely this plugin works! It’s easy to install and use, but if […]

  109. Rafiki Cai Says:

    Blessings and Peace:

    I’m wondering whether the site is using an implementation of HighSlide JS plugin. (I know that the site is built on a WP theme.)

    I’d love to get some insight, and perhaps even a helping hand, on how to emulate that look in IBlogPro3 WP theme. Can anyone oblige?

    In Service of THE ONENESS,
    Rafiki “The Digital Doctor” Cai

  110. JasonInVegas Says:


    I can tell you “no” AgencyDivision is not using HIghSlide. Instead, it is using the jQuery Cycle Plugin. I assume you are asking about the scrolling key images in the topmost 1/3rd of the webpage….

    Go see:

    Hope this helps.

  111. Sam Johnson Says:

    To get this plugin to work, I had to do an extra step that isn’t mentioned here. In wordpress, Under Settings I had to select WP-Highslide then copy the “customize” code and paste it into my header.php file.

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