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Setting up a Summary Cart on Your Site with PHP
Article and code showing how to setup a simple “summary display” cart on your site using Mals-e Free Shopping Cart System.

Subscribe to PHPList via HTTP
Code snippet which allows you to subscribe to PHPList using HTTP. Allows you to easily create your own custom forms for subscribing to PHPList.

WordPress Plugin: PHPList Subscriber Form
Wordpress plugin that allows user to be optionally subscribed to your PHPLIST newsletter when leaving comments on your blog

WordPress Plugin: PHPList Form Integration
Wordpress plugin that allows you to easily drop a PHPList subscriber form in your blog.

WordPress Plugin: Highslide Integration
WP-Highslide is a wordpress plugin that allows you to easily use Highslide by automatically inserting the necessary javascript into your posts or pages.

WordPress Plugin: Tag Search
This wordpress plugin ensures tags associated with a post are searched when users perform search using the out-of-box wordpress search feature. This plugin works with the new WordPress 2.3 native tagging features.