Year: 2013

Digital or Traditional Marketing? Depends on Your Business

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to share part of our digital marketing story at Pink Cake Box with Katherine Duncan of Entreprenuer Magazine. From the article: Specialty bakery Pink Cake Box in Denville, N.J., jumped into digital marketing as soon as it opened for business in 2005 by focusing on its site

Craftsy – Cake Toppers Techniques Course

Back in January we had an opportunity to fly down to Denver and have Anne participate in a taping for her new online cake decorating class with Craftsy has taken the cake decorating world by storm ( at least in the online space) by putting together an wide array of talented cake instructors from

The Launch of Pink Cake Box University

It’s been a while since I launched a new website, and it’s amazing how fast technology has been changing over the past several years. I originally started experimenting in the web arena back in 1997 when it was standard to use the “table tag” for all your layout purposes. As the shift moved to DIV