Year: 2010

Favorite Cake for 2010 from Pink Cake Box

Pink Cake Box is holding another contest. This year, we are asking you to vote for your favorite cake for 2010. Your vote will automatically enter you for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate. And, for every twenty votes we receive, we’ll donate $1 to Icing Smiles, a non-profit organization that provides custom

Diagnosing and Fixing Web Performance Problems

As Pink Cake Box has grown over the years, we’ve had to focus more time on optimizing site performance. In aggregate, we receive over 1/2 million unique visitors a month with over 2 million pageviews per month. We’ve also taken the non-traditional approach of allowing other sites to link directly to our images. In combination,

Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies

Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies is finally shipping! In it you’ll find a case study on Pink Cake Box along with some additional material I helped provide for their social sharing chapter and social media strategy chapters. Thanks to Jan Zimmerman and Diane Martin from Watermelon Mountain Web Marketing for the opportunity to contribute

Search Tags Plugin Performance Improvement

Loïc Mahé brought to my attention a performance issue with the search tags plugin (it’s not noticeable in wordpress implementations with a small number of tags, but is much more noticeable for folks with 1000+ tags). So I took a look at the queries I wrote for searching tags and realized they were incredibly inefficient.So

How to integrate WordPress Search with your Facebook Application

So a few weeks ago we released a facebook book application called Pink Cake Box Guiltless Treats for sending cakes to your facebook friends. We’ve since expanded the application to integrate with wordpress search. Our facebook app now has access to over 1200+ cakes and is automatically updated whenever we post new cakes. I’m proud

Send a cake via Facebook

I’m happy to introduce my newest project – a facebook application for sending cakes/cupcakes to your facebook friends. What’s cool about this application is the tight integration with wordpress that enabled me to to expand it to almost our entire portfolio of online cakes. I was able to tie the facebook API with the wordpress

Social Marketing for Dummies

I’m very excited about an interview I did with interview with Jan Zimmerman (author of Web Marketing for Dummies) for her new upcoming book Social Marketing for Dummies. In the book, Jan will spotlight some of the things Pink Cake Box has done as it relates to Social Media. I put a lot of effort

PHPList available in Belorussian

Thanks to Marcis G, WP-PHPLIST now has Internationalization support for Belorussian. The admin panel isn’t done yet, but the key user-facing pieces are completed. Download the latest version here: WP-PHPLIST

Troubleshooting PHPList Plugin

If you are having trouble getting the WordPress PHPList plugin working on your blog and the documentation is not helping, try reading this phplist troubleshooting post. It may help :)

Inc Magazine Interview

Thanks to small businss guru Matt McGee, I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the most recent issue of Inc. Magazine for a article titled “How to use Multimedia for Business Marketing” They asked how we used Flickr to help build our company’s brand identity by posting photos of our cakes & cupcakes. We