Year: 2008

WordPress 2.7 Upgrade

Upgraded our Wedding Cake blog over the weekend to wordpress 2.7. This is by far one of the best upgrades I’ve gone through with the product. The new interface is fantastic – kudos to the interface development lead Jane Wells for taking the interface to the next level. After a few minutes in the new

Great wordpress plugin resource

I have a great appreciation for wordpress plugin developers. Having released a few simple plugins myself, I understand the time it takes to develop and test a quality plugin. On top of that, devoting time to support the plugin and keep it up-to-date as wordpress rapidly evolves is another effort in itself. That’s why I

Upgrade to WordPress 2.6.1

I’ve been delaying the upgrade of our wedding cake blog to 2.6 because I wasn’t thrilled with the post revision option. However, there is an easy way to turn it off without having to edit any configuration files. With this plugin, I can also turn off the autosave feature which often leads to multiple drafts

WordPress Plugin Bloat

Trent brought to light the unintended performance impact of just activating plugins without even using them in your theme. Highslide was one of the plugins he profiled. As our wedding cake blog has grown in traffic we’ve been working to optimize our plugins to reduce overhead. Using Charles Proxy Tool we took a look at

PHPList WordPress Plugin now with Multiple List Support

After many requests, I’ve finally added new functionality to the PHPList WordPress Integration plugin. The plugin now supports the ability to display multiple lists on the form. So if you manage multiple lists through PHPList and want to give the user the option of choosing which one to subscribe to, this is now supported the

Excluding tags from Posts in WordPress

If you are using the wordpress the_tags function and you want to exclude certain tags from showing up with associated posts you can use the following function in place of the_tags:

Stolen Cake Photos – Candelle

Where’s Arnold Diaz from Shame on You when you need him? We have a fairly liberal photo use policy at Pink Cake Box. We allow most non-commercial sites to use our photos as long as they add a link back to our site. The majority of people respect this license and for the most part

Pink Cake Box on CNN!

Our wedding cake shop was featured on CNN this week! You can see the video here. In the video Anne talks about how the company started, how we’ve used the Internet to grow and how we’ve relied on family members like her mom to help launch the business.

Secure WordPress

Secure your wordpress blog.